Introduction to the Increase Broadband Speed Website and Blog

If you’re struggling with your broadband connection, or you would simply like to get the very best speeds and reliability from your broadband line, then the Increase Broadband Speed website and blog are for you. We bring together, in one place, proven techniques that can substantially increase your broadband speeds, and we provide recommendations for the best broadband equipment and services.

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Without a decent broadband connection, you risk getting left behind. We are becoming more reliant on broadband and the Internet. We’re increasingly doing our shopping online. Our children are using the Internet more for their school work. Our mobile phones can now connect to home broadband connection to avoid running up costly mobile bills. Services such as BBC’s iPlayer are increasingly being used to supplement conventional TV viewing and radio listening. New devices, such as Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle, offer easy access to information and applications via a home broadband connection.

While an increasing number of people have the option of superfast broadband services, many are still reliant on ADSL2+ and older ADSL technology.

After helping many people in our local area with their broadband services, Alastair Brydon and I decided to set up this website and blog to help people more broadly. We live in rural Cambridgeshire and have personally suffered the frustrations of poor broadband speeds. By improving our own speeds, and through helping others, we have discovered that it is possible to substantially improve broadband speeds by using a number of techniques. Our telecommunications backgrounds have helped us to gauge which techniques make the biggest difference. We’ve found that these techniques work successfully time and time again, and most are really easy to implement. For many broadband users, we have been able to double broadband connection and throughput speeds.

We hope that you find the site useful. We have tried to make its structure clear so that you can navigate the site successfully. If you are looking for a good place to start, then please visit the following page, which summarises a number of our recommendations.

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If you find the information and advice useful, we would love to hear from you. You can email us at, as we love to know that we’ve made a difference!