A Third of Homes Struggle to Get Broadband Speeds Above 5 Mbps According to uSwitch

According to new research from price comparison site uSwitch, a third of UK homes struggle to get broadband speeds greater than 5 Mbps. Half of homes get broadband speeds of less than 6.7 Mbps.

uSwitch has published the results of nearly 1.7 million speed tests carried out in the last six months. For broadband users that are currently unable to access superfast broadband services, the results make unsurprising, albeit depressing, reading. Average broadband speeds in five areas were below 1.5 Mbps.


uSwitch were surprised to find that a number of towns and cities, including Carlisle and Hereford, suffering from poor broadband speeds. This dispels the view that only rural areas suffer from low broadband speeds. It’s a problem that can affect many households, wherever they are situated.

For those broadband users that are currently suffering poor speeds, there is a hope.

We have produced a free guide, which describes and explains tangible actions that you can take to increase broadband speeds, and they really do work. To access the guide, click on the link below.

Increase broadband speed guide