500,000 Homes Lose 4 Mbps of Speed Due to Poor Set-up

According to research carried out by TalkTalk, millions of UK homes are missing out from achieving the best possible speeds due to poor set up, which is what we have been saying for a long time!

TalkTalk engineers have performed 25,000 home visits and have identified many problems associated with set up. TalkTalk claims that over half a million homes lose about 4 Mbps of download speed due to poor set-up, and believes that a further 2.5 million homes could increase their broadband speeds by making a few changes.

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According to TalkTalk, the average home has a broadband speed of 7.6 Mbps, so a loss of 4 Mbps is a significant amount.

TalkTalk believes that most of the issues that they have identified can be solved quickly by broadband users themselves. We wholeheartedly agree, which is why we have produced our independent Increase Broadband Speed Guide.

The most common issues found by the TalkTalk engineers were:

  • poor wiring (31%)
  • router not set up correctly (20%)
  • phone socket not set up properly (17%)
  • a new ADSL broadband filter was required (14%)
  • other problems, such as customers not connecting the router to the mastersocket directly (13%).

Interestingly, TalkTalk wants to encourage people to think of broadband in the same way as water and electricity, in that it is a resource that can go to waste if broadband users are not careful.

For our comprehensive guide on how to maximise your broadband speed, click on the following link:

Increase Broadband Speed Guide