Ofcom Publishes its 2012 Communications Market Report

Ofcom has published its 2012 Communications Market Report, and has identified strong growth in the adoption of Internet-enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets (including the iPad) and e-readers (including the Kindle). Each household in the UK now has on average three different types of Internet-enabled device.

Ownership of a laptop stood at 61% of households, ahead of a games console (52%), a desktop PCs (44%) and an Internet-enabled set-top box (41%).

Two-fifths of UK adults are now smartphone users. Take-up has risen from 27% in 2011 to 39% in Q1 2012.

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Over 4 in 10 smartphone users say their phone is more important for accessing the Internet than any other device. 39% of households claimed to access the Internet through their mobile phone.

Tablet ownership has risen rapidly in the past year, from 2% of UK households in Q1 2011 to 11% in Q1 2012. According to Ofcom, tablet computers are used on a regular basis, with 74% of tablet owners claiming to go online with their tablet every day, or most days.

10% of UK adults now have an e-reader, up from 3% in 2011.

The need to support multiple Internet-enabled devices is helping to drive the demand for superfast broadband services. There were 1.4 million UK superfast broadband connections at the end of March 2012 (representing 6.6% of all connections), 162% more than there had been a year previously.

60% of UK homes could receive superfast broadband services by March 2012. This is an increase of seven percentage points compared with the previous year.

You can view the video of Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2012 analyst briefing below, which took part on the 18th July 2012.

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