County Councils Start to Announce Superfast Broadband Plans

For those suffering from slow broadband speeds or unreliable service, superfast broadband could not come too soon, particularly for many rural users.

This week, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) said that up to a fifth of people in rural areas still do not have adequate broadband services.

BT has previously announced that it intends to deploy superfast broadband to only about 66% of premises by 2014. Through its own funding, using the Broadband Delivery UK framework, the Government’s objective is that superfast broadband will be available to 90% of premises by 2015, with speeds of at least 2 Mbps available to everyone.

The CLA believes that the government is unlikely to meet its targets, potentially leaving rural communities without adequate broadband access.

Using (and supplementing) funding from the Broadband Delivery UK framework, county councils have started to announce their superfast broadband contracts and plans.

You can track the progress of the local authority superfast broadband projects by visting our dedicated page:

Superfast and ultrafast broadband in the UK