Average UK Download Speed Reaches 12 Mbps

Today, Ofcom published its latest report on UK broadband speeds. As of November 2012, the average actual download speed of a UK fixed broadband connection was 12.0 Mbps. This is 3.1 Mbps (34%) higher than the 9.0 Mbps average recorded in May 2012, and 8.4 Mbps (234%) faster than the 3.6 Mbps average in November 2008. The migration to higher-speed packages (e.g. fibre broadband)  is a key driver behind increasing average UK broadband speeds.

The proportion of UK residential fixed-line broadband connections that were superfast more than doubled in the year to November 2012. The proportion of residential fixed broadband connections that were superfast increased from 5% to 13%, in the year to November 2012. The average speed recorded for superfast services in November 2012 was 44.6 Mbps.

In its report, Ofcom noted that the difference between the monthly rental fees for ISPs’ lowest-cost ‘superfast’ services and their lowest-cost ‘current generation’ services is often relatively small, with the price differential ranging from 5 to 10 pounds a month for most ISPs that offer both types of service.

You can read the Ofcom report by clicking on the following link:

UK Fixed-Line Broadband Performance, Ofcom Report, November 2012

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