Fibre Broadband For East Riding of Yorkshire

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has signed a £14 million deal with BT to bring high-speed fibre broadband to 42,000 premises in the East Riding of Yorkshire by December 2015. The Council has not divulged what percentage of premises this equates to.

BT is contributing £4 million towards fibre deployment in “non-commercial” areas, which together with grants from BDUK (£5.5 million), the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and contributions from East Riding of Yorkshire Council will see total investment of £14m by December 2015.

Broadband East Riding

BT, through the Broadband East Riding project, will announce the installation schedule in the coming months and the first communities will be connected from summer 2014 onwards.

When asked to provide a percentage target for fibre broadband (or superfast speeds), we were informed, “The press release gives a specific figure of 42,734 premises as it provides a more accurate picture of what will be delivered in the East Riding. East Riding of Yorkshire has a number of broadband providers with varying roll out plans. As such it seems more sensible to offer the number of premises covered rather than a percentage which may not be 100% accurate for the life of the project.”

For more information, visit the Broadband East Riding website.

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