Billion 7800 guide

Billion 7800 modem router

New! The Billion 7800 has been replaced. You can find our latest equipment recommendations on our Which Broadband Modem Router? page.

The Billion 7800 is a cost-effective alternative to the Billion 7800N for those not requiring WiFi wireless capability. As with the Billion 7800N, this modem is perfect for challenging or long ADSL lines, and gives the highest speeds possible on high-quality lines.

Many broadband users fail to achieve the highest possible download speeds for their line. This is due to a number of factors, including high impulse noise, poor phone wiring in houses and the BT exchange imposing a high target SNR margin on the broadband connection. The Billion 7800 router/modem is very suited to long or challenging lines, with three important features:

  • SNR adjustment
  • manual selection of modulation method
  • advanced impulse noise protection.

These features are identical to those in the Billion 7800N, and information on using them is provided in our Billion 7800N guide.