Broadband Deals – save money and improve speeds

This page provides the latest broadband deals. Around 8 million people are out of contract and able to save money my changing broadband provider, according to Ofcom. Most providers give their best deals to new customers and increase charges once you are outside contract. Changing your provider may allow you to save money and get faster speeds. 


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The broadband deals available to you depend on where you live. Also, not all areas offer the fastest (fibre and ultrafast) broadband services. Enter your postcode and address below to show the broadband deals available to you. 

Broadband deals from BT

BT is the UK’s largest broadband provider. You may be able to access superfast fibre services or, in the best case, ultrafast services to give the highest speeds. If you currently subscribe to standard broadband, you are not automatically upgraded to higher speed services when they become available. You need to upgrade to them. For more information, visit our BT Broadband Deals page.

Depending on your location, BT offers several types of broadband:

  • standard broadband (ADSL), which BT calls ‘Broadband’. Unless you only have this service available, we strongly recommend opting for the faster services below. Generally, standard broadband only delivers a few Mbps in download speed, which will make your broadband connection a bottleneck.
  • fibre broadband, which is available to 28 million premises. BT offers a range of fibre broadband services with different maximum download speeds: Fibre Essential (up to 40 Mbps), Superfast Fibre (up to 50 Mbps) and Superfast Fibre 2 (up to 80 Mbps). If you are situated a significant distance from the BT street cabinet so cannot get the fastest speeds, we recommend saving money with the cheaper packages. 
  • ultrafast broadband, which is available to 4.2 million premises and delivers download speeds in excess of 100 Mbps. We recommend ultrafast broadband for households that do not get good speeds with fibre broadband.

BT is a safe choice for a broadband provider, particularly if you can get a good deal. Technically, speeds are very good. BT supplies its Smart Hub to broadband customers, which is excellent for a ‘free’ modem router. BT also allows you to bundle TV services such as BT Sport. For more information, visit our BT Broadband Deals page.


Broadband deals from Sky

Sky is the UK’s second largest broadband provider. A key benefit of Sky is being able to bundle together TV, broadband and mobile phone packages into one bill. Also, your account can be managed with a handy mobile app. For more information, visit our Sky Broadband Deals page.

Broadband deals from many other providers

You can choose from a large number of broadband providers, with intense competition providing some great deals. Listed below are the deals available for your location.