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This page shows the best BT broadband deals available to you. While other broadband providers are available, many broadband users prefer to use BT as it is the largest broadband provider in the UK. There are generally good deals for new or migrating customers. BT has been rolling out higher-speed superfast and ultrafast broadband so you may be able to upgrade to faster speeds while saving money. For broadband deals from other providers, visit our Broadband Deals page.


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The BT broadband deals available to you depend on where you live. Not all areas offer the fastest (superfast fibre and ultrafast) broadband services. So, please enter your postcode and address below to show the BT deals available to you.

Listed below are the BT deals available to you:

Depending on your location, the following services may be available from BT:

Standard broadband (known as ADSL), which BT calls ‘Broadband’. This can deliver download speeds of up to 24 Mbps, but usually significantly less due to the distance between you and the exchange. Upload speeds are limited to less than 1 Mbps. Unless you have no choice, we strongly recommend that you opt for much faster superfast fibre broadband or ultrafast broadband.

Fibre broadband. BT calls its fibre broadband services Fibre Essential (offering download speeds up to 40Mbps), Superfast Fibre (with download speeds up to 50Mbps) and Superfast Fibre 2 (with download speeds up to 80 Mbps). Over the last few years, BT has been rolling out fibre broadband (called FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet) across the UK. It is now available to nearly 28 million premises. As described in our What is Fibre Broadband page, exact speeds are dependent on the distance between you and your local green BT street cabinet. Fibre broadband generally delivers sufficient speeds for most households.  If you currently subscribe to standard broadband and your area has been upgraded to superfast broadband, you will not automatically be upgraded. You need to proactively upgrade, which you can do through this page.

Ultrafast broadband, which delivers download speeds over 100 Mbps, using one of two technologies: or FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). These technologies are described in our What is Fibre Broadband and What is pages. BT’s ultrafast broadband network now covers 4.2 million premises, comprising 1.8 million premises passed with FTTP and 2.4 million with BT Openreach is currently committed to reach 4 million premises with FTTP by March 2021, and to reach 15 million premises by the mid-2020s. We recommend ultrafast broadband if you have several people in your home using services such as video streaming services or you are only able to access slow speeds (30 Mbps or less) using fibre broadband. If ultrafast broadband is now available in your area, please note that you will not automatically be upgraded. You have to proactively upgrade, which you can do through this page.


Pros and cons of opting for BT Broadband

From a technical perspective, and compared with other broadband providers, BT Broadband generally delivers excellent broadband speeds. BT does not deliberately apply any traffic management or speed throttling to slow down your connection (for example, at peak times).

A major advantage of going with BT is that the provided modem router – known as the BT Smart Hub – is very good among the ‘free’ routers provided by broadband providers. For example, Which has awarded the BT Smart Hub a ‘Best Buy’ rating. Having said this, as outlined in our Which Broadband Modem Router page, improved performance (such as longer WiFi range) can be still be obtained by investing in third party best-in-class routers. You can easily use your own modem routers with BT’s Broadband services.

In our experience, BT is a relatively safe choice, although you will spend more than the cheapest providers.

The one downside of BT is that it relies on overseas call centres and the quality of telephone support can be variable if you experience problems. Clearly, this will only potentially affect you if you have problems with your line. However, customers can often get a much better response online using the BT Customer Support Community Forum.


BT offers TV services bundled with broadband

As with companies like Sky, BT now offers bundled TV and broadband packages. For example, with BT Sport, you can watch exclusive Premier League, The Emirates FA Cup and UEFA Champions League matches. Boxing, Rugby Union, MotoGP and tennis are also available.

Ultra Hd first picYou can opt for the Ultra HD service, which (as described in our initial BT Ultra HD service review) delivers superb picture quality.

Listed below are bundled offers available in your area:

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