Review of Boosty: Bonding ADSL Broadband with 4G or 3G Mobile

Boosty broadband

Updated February 2021. This product is no longer commercially available. With all the press interest in superfast and ultrafast broadband technologies, it is easy to understand the frustrations for consumers and businesses that only have access to basic ADSL services with low speeds.  Despite the rapid roll-out of superfast fixed broadband services, the Department of … Read more

Bonded DSL: Bonding Three and Four ADSL Lines (Part 2)

Router box

This is the second part of our independent review of bonded broadband solutions from UK-based Evolving Networks. In our first review, we tested the bonding of two DSL connections. In this article, we present the results from bonding three and four DSL connections. Using individual ADSL2 lines capable of delivering downlink throughputs of about 5.5 … Read more

Review of Bonded ADSL From Evolving Networks


ADSL bonding is significantly cheaper than a leased line and provides businesses with resilience. Since there is so little published independent information on the real performance of bonded ADSL solutions, we are delighted that we have been able to trial a bonded ADSL service from UK-based Evolving Networks. Here we bring the first part of … Read more

Raising the Awareness of ADSL Bonding Through an Extended Trial With Evolving Networks


Broadband users struggling with low speeds from an individual ADSL or ADSL2+ connection often wrongly assume that the solution to their problem will only come with the deployment of fibre broadband. While the pace of fibre broadband roll-out has picked up with BDUK-related projects across the country, many businesses will have a long, and frustrating, … Read more

Bonded ADSL Much Cheaper than a Leased Line

Two routers

Updated February 2021. In areas where superfast or ultrafast broadband is not available, telecom suppliers often point businesses in need of reliable high-speed Internet access towards leased lines, particularly in areas where superfast broadband is not available. However, leased lines can be very expensive and bonded ADSL can potentially provide a much cheaper alternative. A leased … Read more