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I have been struggling with unreliable slow BT internet for years.  We are inside the M25 but have about the only exchange in all of greater London that has no current plans for upgrade to fibre optic.  Our service is meant to be in the range 6–8 Mbps but we rarely get better than 4 and usually it is 1 to 2 and we get many dropouts and interruptions. 

I then started googling……. and soon found my way to your website.  It is extremely well written and well thought out and clear.  I love it.  (Andrew Trahair)


Just browsed through your website and whilst I’m by no means a ‘techie’ found the information really useful. (Mark Challenger)


No need to answer this as i have found your article on how to set up Billion modems with Sharedband. Very good article, thank you. (Julian Maples)


Only just came across your site. Many thanks for terrific tips/advice. Will work through them. Ordered the faceplate. Bookmarked your site. Keep it up please. (Ian Kime)


Pleased to say with your online help I have increased my Openreach download speed test from 10.12 to a whopping 15.53. How? I have fitted a Solwise face plate, changed my router to Billion BiPac 7800 and reduced SNR download to 0.8db and it is stable. Thank you. (Ian)


On your recommendation, I have purchased a Billion BiPac 7800N router to try to improve the speed on my very long ADSL link to the local exchange (6 km), which has an attenuation of at least 63.5dB (the maximum routers indicate). I have installed this today, and experienced an immediate doubling of my previously feeble 400 kbps download to about 900 kbps, which has already made a big difference. (Andy Liney)


Just wanted to write and thank you for your excellent article on improving your broadband speed.  I have ADSL2, and my service provider quoted a speed of ‘up to 17MBps’ for my line; I am only 311m from the exchange.  When I initially connected I got just 13.61Mbps, using the router provided, but I was using a long extension to get the telephone line to my computer area.  After reading your article, I moved the router to next to the BT outlet, and fitted a filtered front plate to the BT outlet; this meant I used a long CAT6 ethernet connection to connect to my Mac.  This made a big difference, raising my speed to 15.15 Mbps, for a while, but following a couple of power cuts, it slowly dropped back to 14.55 Mbps.

I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Billion 7800N.  Amazing bit of kit!  I was able to tweak the SNR, which reported the BT setting to be 9.2db, and allowing 1 day at each setting to check for errors and drops have achieved close to the original quoted maximum speed for my line.

9.2db = 14.55Mbps
6.2db = 15.46Mbps
4.8db = 16.25Mbps
3.5db = 16.97Mbps

Well, it might not be FTTP, but from 13.61 to 16.97… I’m impressed!   As a keen on-line gamer, an extra 3.4Mbps is not to be sneezed at! (Peter Balcon)


I am very pleased with Billion Bipac 7800 bought via your Amazon link about a year ago. It works very well and I have just purchased another one, also via your link, for a different location. (David Whitton)


Thank you for such an interesting and comprehensive website. I have been looking for hard information about broadband for a long time – there is a wealth of vague and inconsistent information out there! (Mike Anderson)


Way back in the distant past – circa February 2013, I emailed you about our broadband issues and you kindly offered some good advice. In short we have now, finally, got a good service. I would very much like to thank you for your support and encouragement to keep on complaining until the problem was resolved – even if it meant threatening that I would climb up the pole myself and “have a look at it if BT won’t”.

Thanks again for your much valued support and encouragement to persist. We got there in the end. Fingers and thinly coated copper wires crossed now that it stays fixed! (Mikes Forsyth)


Great site, and great explanation on the SNR changes.  This helped me increase mine as Plusnet would go into training mode any time I asked them to decrease the SNR to 6 dB, or thereabouts.  It was so much easier to be in control of this my end and now getting a much faster stable connection.

GREAT! Thanks again for your help. (Ed Santos)


Can’t remember how I came across your website a few weeks ago, but I’m glad I did. Thanks very much for your clear, concise and very informative site! I won’t pretend I understand all of it, but I’m much more clued-up than before and have much better broadband to show for it! (Steve Walker)


Your website has been highly informative. (Owain Jones)


Just to give you a quick update – I can now experience download speeds of up to 4.4Mbps which is great, and everything in terms of synch speed, SNR, attenuation etc. is extremely stable. We could only dream of these speeds in the past! – God I wish I’d fitted this faceplate years ago! (Lindsay)


Hi – I think your website is brilliant -I have adopted some of your tips and they’ve made a big difference. (Rob Knott)


Great website with lots of useful information. (Tony)


I read your article on SNR tweaks recently and decided to have a go. My router (supplied by TalkTalk) was starting to slow down, so I replaced it with a Billion 7800N. It installed quite easily and on day 2, I tweaked the SNR setting from about 11 to 6 – the change in speed was amazing! (Chris Rogers)


Just fitted my ASDL face plate and noticed immediate improvement from 1.8mb – 2.2mb so just a wee note to say thanks for the advice. I can’t believe the difference it’s made for such a simple and cheap fix. (Bernard McQue)


Thank you for providing such a detailed and informative site! (Peter Summers)


Your blog is amazing. I am so excited to see all this advice on the net. (Johnson Sebastian)


Just wanted to say thanks for such a great site and for de-mystifying the whole adsl process. After reading your articles I went and ran some tests, then disconnected the ring wire from my master socket. Staggering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before –  attainable rate 5664,  Connection rate 5088  and thanks to the BT profiling, upload speed of 3.7Mb based on speed tests.

After  – Attainable rate of 7712 connection rate of 7168

Thank you so much for this simple improvement, and also for explaining in simple, yet detailed terms the technology behind everything. (Mark Woodward)


Thanks for the great advice. I just received and installed the face plate filter and my sync speed has more than doubled! Looking forward to corresponding increase in the IP profile in a few days…(George Wilkie)


Thank you. Just plugging into the test socket has increased my download speed from 1.8mb/sec to 3.4mb/sec.  Filtered ADSL plate on its way. (Bryn Jones)


A quick note to say I read your website and fitted a filtered face plate.

Initial results:

BE (O2) Broadband – download speed went up from 11.3 Mbps to 12.7 Mbps.

This is on a line without any extensions on it.

I’ve played with the faceplate on a Tesco broadband line (C&W) and the differences were just incredible – 1.3 Mbs -> 6Mbs.  Taking out the extensions/bell wire may have been the big difference – which the faceplate did for us.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the web.  I really like reading your info. It’s rare to find sound and accurate information and knowledge on the internet and your website is absolutely excellent. (Sanjay Patel)


I just came cross your webpage and found it very useful information. (Iya Whiteley)


Having seen your site I bought an ADSL faceplate from Amazon for a couple of quid and the results were instantaneous, with a much improved download speed. 

I bought the Billion router you recommended from Amazon.  It was working five minutes after I opened the box.  I was able to set up a new wireless network with two laptops, a smartphone, an I-pad and an I-phone within 15 minutes.  That was two months ago.  It hasn’t dropped the connection once in that time!

For a long time, I was one of those who believed that all routers must be pretty well the same.  How wrong could I be? (Dr Bob Sterritt)


Thank you for your really useful article and website on broadband speeds. (Nick Ross)


Thanks for your website – most educational. (David Whitton)


I’ve enjoyed reading the information on your website….well done. (Colin Quin)


Thanks for your tips. They have allowed my line speed to go up from 750kbs to 1meg! (Barry Higham)


Thanks for your really helpful web site. (Adrian Loening)


What a great website you guys have. I have struggled to understand what goes on at BT and how to get my broadband faster for years.

Thanks to installing an ADSL faceplate I gained 0.5 Mbps over having the router plugged into the test socket via a ordinary filter. I also got a Billion router and reduced my SNR to 6.3 and I got another 1 Mbps gain.

Total increase 1.5 Mbps within 24 hrs. I pray that it remains as good as this! (Andrew Vernon)


Thanks for your amazing review of Sharedband. (Cliff Smith)


I just wanted to email and thank you for the excellent advice on your site particularly your recommendation of Billion modems and the Sharedband service. We run our own video and photographic business from home so decent broadband is a priority for use.

On your recommendations I purchased two Billion 7800 modems then the Sharedband service using Linksys routers. Using the Sharedband service we now get about 10.3 Mbps/1.1 Mbps!

Once again thanks for the recommendations and an excellent website. (Nigel Barker)


Thanks for the super-useful information regarding tweaking the SNR setting to increase broadband speeds.
I have just updated the firmware on my Billion 7800N and, using the SNR tweak to lower the SNR from around 10 to 3.3 I have increased the downlink speed from 7.49Mbps to an incredible 10.32Mbps! (David Slater)

First a thank you for your website. I followed the steps you suggested and I finally have a stable broadband connection (including a very helpful email response when I had issues!) so thank you very much. (Jack Allwood)


The results have been impressive. I dropped the SNR down to 3.6 and activated the PhyR, and the downstream sync rate has jumped from 2800kbps to 4000kbps and the effective download rate has gone from 220kB/s to an astounding 350kB/s!!!!  This evening, I’ve bothered Amazon again for an ADSL faceplate to replace the existing BT i-Plate following your advice.  Thanks you guys. You have made a frustrated invalid very happy!! (Nick Randall-Smith)


I read your web pages on how to maximise adsl2 speed and it’s been a revelation! (Andy Cruise)


Thanks very much for your helpful site. I did purchase a 7800n via your link to Amazon. The difference is amazing. (Colin Massey)


Thanks for making this easy to understand. Just tweaked my SNR and got 20% increase. Thanks again! (Andrew Wright)


Thanks for a great website. (Carl Gerrard)


I’ve been banging my head against a wall with my ADSL speed for the best part of four years now.  Tried all manner of routers, iPlates and so on but was still struggling along with a choppy 2.4 meg on a long line.

On the basis of your advice, I got myself a 7800n router and a Openreach filtered faceplate, in a final attempt to squeeze a bit more out of my connection.

 The 7800n didn’t make much difference initially, my SNR was already quite aggressive, but changing the faceplate has been a revelation!  I’m now sitting at a stable 4.2 meg and I’m grinning wildly as I’m typing this!

Great advice guys!  A 70% improvement is beyond my wildest dreams so massive kudos to you for the quality of your guidance.  I will be recommending your site to all my friends who are in the same boat. (Andy Lea)


Hi! Just to say, the Billion arrived and I installed the latest FW and configured as per your advice. Sync immediately increased to 5,100 from around 3,500, with a corresponding increase in DL speed – and seems stable.

Not very exciting by city-slicker fibre optic standards, but pretty wonderful for Goxhill -;), and the fastest I’ve ever had.

Billion should start an ad campaign aimed at us yokels who live far down the copper wire. Once again – sincere appreciation and thanks. (Phil)


Just a quick thank you for your info on getting better speed. By tweaking the SNR on my Billion 7800N as suggested by you, I managed to increase the speed from 8.3 Mbps to 10.8 Mbps, with a SNR of 6.2 (reduced from 12.x). Thanks again. (Urs Yamba, Australia)


Hi, i just want to say thanks for the informative webpage regarding the Billion 7800n. I have used the snr tweak and now get a steady 4 meg, before when using my sky router i was getting between 2meg and 3.2meg. Also updated the firmware via your page. This is the most reliable router i have have owned. (had it for 2 months now without a problem). Thanks for the help. (Gavin Hawkey)


Hi there, I love your site, incredibly informative and very well written. Many thanks, and congratulations on building such a great site. (Craig Rich)


I would like to say thanks to you and your website. It has assisted me on my quest to improve my broadband speeds. (Sam Douglas)


Many thanks for taking the trouble to include the Billion information on your site.  I came across it by chance, and am so glad I did. Your tips/information for manipulating the SNR will be invaluable. Anyway, thanks again for your Billion info. (Phil Cauldwell)


I am writing to thank you so much for the info provided on your excellent site which has on several counts enabled me to sort out my broadband connection with my ISP.  I have found your site excellent reading and informative and have acquired know-how to help friends and family who have no technical bones in their bodies. A grateful surfer. (Paul Gaydon)


Thanks for the info and guidance.  Thanks for the info on the Billion.  (Dan)


Greetings from Aberdeenshire!  Thanks for a great website. (Carl)


 Thank you for the great website! Never knew my 7800N could do the things you mentioned. (Ashan Roche)


Thank you for your very informative website — very useful. (Karl)


Just wanted to say thank you as I purchased a Billion 7800N and have achieved some speed improvements, much better than the Netgear DGN3500 I did have. Thanks. (Mat)


Thanks again for the website and your kind and patient advice. I feel a donation to a charity of your choice is called for. Would you like to propose such a charity? (Peter)


Many thanks for a very interesting web page on my big domestic IT bug-bear: ADSL speeds here in the sticks (South Cambs & middle of nowhere in terms of BT cables). I admire your web site and not doubt it will help many so well done for that. Many thanks. (Peter)


Many thanks for your excellent article, really useful. I have now had the Billion 7800n for the last week after speed issues with my Linksys 160 N ( or at least I think it was down to the router).

Purchased the Billion based on the information on your website and things are looking up.  Once again many thanks for article, great help. All the best. (Chris White)


Excellent informative page on the Billion 7800N router.  Best regards. (Geoff Cronyn)


My broadband seems to be working, yeah !!! Thank you very much for your help. (Anthony Baxendale)


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