Tip: Consider a second line if you can only standard broadband

When you have applied all the previous broadband speed enhancement techniques to a single ADSL or ADSL2+ line, and superfast broadband is not available, you could consider getting an extra line. Before you do this, please check to see if superfast broadband or ultrafast broadband are available in your area.

With the increasing availability of Local Loop Unbundled (LLU) services (e.g. TalkTalk), using more than a single ADSL connection is now affordable with the right choice of supplier.

Not only can multiple connections speed up Internet access, it can provide much-valued resilience – so that you are not disconnected from the Internet if a single line goes down (which is particularly important for businesses).

Multiple DSL lines

With the increased availability of low-cost LLU services, the cost of two ADSL connections may be little different from maintaining a single line with some suppliers. By using more than one ADSL line, you have the option of using lower-priced ADSL connections (by spreading usage across multiple connections).

For more information on the available options, please read our dedicated Multiple ADSL Connections page. You can configure multiple lines in different ways, for example:

  • dedicating different lines to different PCs and devices
  • utilising a dual-WAN load-balancing router
  • using true bonding, where two or more lines are combined.

True ADSL bonding – which is the more expensive option – allows you to aggregate bandwidth (download and upload) from multiple ADSL lines from any ISP, for example, turning two 2 Mbps ADSL lines into a single 4 Mbps bonded connection.


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