Tip: Connect your modem to the master socket

Ensure that your modem is connected to your BT master socket (rather than an extension socket) using a short cable.

Ideally, you should place your modem next to your BT master socket, wherever your master socket is located in your property, and connect your modem to the master socket using a short (ideally less than 2 metres) modem cable.

Telephone extension cable

We have seen many interesting wiring set-ups in homes! Please resist the temptation of connecting your modem to:

  • an extension socket rather than the main BT master socket
  • the BT master socket using a long extension cable.

Such approaches could significantly reduce your broadband speeds, and make your connection more susceptible to noise and interference.

If you really want to locate your PC in a different room to the BT master socket, we strongly advise that you use a high-quality wireless (WiFi) router/ modem and connect your PC wirelessly (or preferably with an Ethernet cable) so that the modem can remain next to the master socket. This arrangement will maximise your broadband speed.


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