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Where to start if you want to improve your broadband and home/office network

A great place to start on this site is our regularly-updated Increase Broadband Speed Guide, which we believe is the most comprehensive online. This will take you through the 17 top tips that are proven to work. You may also want to go straight to one of our most popular individual guides, which are:

Buying guides

With ridiculous performance claims from some manufacturers about their products (particularly over Wi-Fi performance), trying to find the right product can be a minefield. We provide guides on how to find the best products for your needs, with some recommendations of equipment that we have used ourselves:

Why go for superfast and ultrafast broadband?

Fibre cabinetAbout 95% of UK premises now have access to superfast fibre broadband (delivering download speeds above 30 Mbps), and an increasing number can access ultrafast services (>100 Mbps). Broadband technology is for a purpose and not for technology’s sake. If you are not sure of the benefits you’d get from superfast or ultrafast broadband, then hopefully our articles will convince you:

Broadband is not about the numbers; it’s about all the exciting range of services that the technology potentially brings to your life or business. That’s why, on this site, we want to bring your attention to the new and improved services that are enabled with high-speed broadband. Here are some recent articles:

Guide for rural communities wanting FTTP

Gigabit voucher picWith recent improvements in the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme and the introduction of ‘top ups’ by local authorities, there’s never been a better time for communities to take proactive action to bring full-fibre Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband to their areas. Our regularly-updated guide on how to get it, based on real experience and lessons from bringing FTTP to rural communities in Cambridgeshire, can be viewed here:

Guide For Rural Communities: How to Get Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) Now!

Broadband technology simply explained

Broadband technology can be hard to understand if it’s not explained very well. Understanding it can often really help you work out what’s realistically possible and the best ways to improve your broadband. On this site, we try to explain technology in a way that helps you may the right decisions. Here are some articles you may find useful:

What if you cannot get superfast or ultrafast broadband?

Man frustrated by slow broadband speedsWith increasing availability of superfast and ultrafast broadband in the UK, it can be extremely frustrating if you are not able to get those services. Read our guides on some excellent alternatives that may be available to you:

In the unlikely scenario that you have no other option than standard (ADSL) broadband, SNR tweaking can boost speeds, as detailed in our guide:

Whatever broadband connection is available to you, you can get the very best performance possible by eliminating bufferbloat and maximising Wi-Fi performance, as detailed in our guides:


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